The question is not how ‘smart’ or ‘creative’ are you? The question is HOW (in what ways) are you smart or creative?

The shocking truth is – everyone is creative! Everyone has something creatively unique to offer. Ideas can be intuitive, but they can also be planned, brainstormed and co-operative. Do you encourage your staff to think creatively?

   We provide you with tools that will actively facilitate ideas with Spark!
              We provide you with tools to help you think more creatively!

In creative thinking, it is the quality and uniqueness of stimulus that has a direct impact on the quality and uniqueness of ideas out. (Sticky Wisdom)

That is why innovative companies do not turn to the same data as their competitors. They look for alternate ways of thinking about their products, consumers, strategies and internal culture and processes which provides critical stimulus for breakthrough solutions!

Fresh and original ideas – no matter how seemingly random or quirky, can be used to harness bigger visions, tactics and opportunities.

                 59 percent of engaged employees say that their current job brings out their
                     creative ideas compared to only 3 percent of disengaged employees

                                                Source: Gallup (August 2007)